About MiM

As we approach the end of the age, there is a movement and preparation of a new generation of believers who will spearhead the mighty move of God across the nations. A diverse army of soldiers called from different backgrounds, nations, and cultures, they can be found in all spheres of life. They are not the conventional “full time” clergy men such as pastors, evangelists, or prophets. But they are professionals annointed to bring revival in various sectors of our nations. They are drivers, technicians, academics, entrepreneurs, doctors, accountants, nurses, engineers, teachers, researchers, marketers, business leaders, actors/actresses, athletes, journalists, and other skilled professionals. Filled with the spirit of excellence, they go about their daily businesses living for the Lord Jesus. They are a generation of believers such as Joseph, Daniels, Luke, Paul, Esther, Matthew, and many more, who see the work place as a platform to fulfill God’s plan in their generation. They do not seek to be conformed to societal standards or goals of their generation, but their primary goal is to glorify the Lord through success in their career  by turning the heart of men back to God. These people will be central in leading this generation back to the Lord

Ministers in Mufti (MiM) Series is a collection of inspirational articles and wisdom nuggets, designed to encourage and strengthen Christians in professional environments as they seek to  glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through their daily interactions and executions of their job responsibilities. Dear friend, in case you accidentally stumble on the webpage, I encourage you to read through these articles and be inspired to be a useful vessel in the hand of your maker. Once again, you are welcome, God bless you.

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